Sunday, August 04, 2019

Summer Taste | Chillhop

Sunday Jazz Continues; sounds that will help us get our minds right are on these menus..

Some will spaz, their soul, spirits and minds aren't right; from Dayton to El Paso? check the venues..

Drastic measures need to be taken against these Domestic Terrorists / Trump Terrorists participating in White Supremacist Terrorism..

Elastic pleasures / joy and pains have some acting bipolar; the vortex /  smoke and mirrors  or reign of terror are discussed in this breakbeat scientific system..

The reign began with a drizzle, but work is put in by O-Dizzle as he goes into chill mode listening to Summer Taste | Chillhop

This is courtesy of Fantastic Music; check out the playlist and this fantastic music; oh yes!! some of that good jazzhop!!

00:00 Elektrobin - Her Eyes
04:34 L'indécis - Fried Potatoes
06:54 Ruck P - Early Morning
10:09 Cloudchord & Goosetaf - Capri Sun
12:15 ØDYSSEE, Epektase, Pandrezz - Summer Delight
14:07 DLJ , TABAL - First Day
15:54 Meadow - September Vibes
18:00 Ol'Burger Beats - Enemies

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