Friday, August 09, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand (Part Five)

It's going down on a Flashback Friday, but the science being dropped is appropriate for any day..

In the mothership? lights blinked on the instrument panel, we dropped back down to earth after taking it down a thousand; damn!! so how will we play?

Trying to make a connection with these earthlings, so what's up with them? the stink eye aka sideways glances were received,  was there a breach of trust? were attempts futile?

Corrections needed on how they work things? like ICE Raids in Mississippi a lot are faking up in this section or district!! when I asked about companies facing charges for hiring unauthorized workers others didn't feel this mystic!! on this Flashback Friday I'm coming with the futuristic style!

But check the retro elements in my file!! authorized to drop this retro-futuristic style? oh yes,  O-Dizzle is certified!!  the sound selector might be spotted putting on Ambrosia..

Jazz rocking? it's the Biggest Part Of Me!! per Flashback Friday it's elementary like Holmes supposedly told Watson!! questioning like Trump vs Dayton and El Paso;  so how did it go?  who's using selective amnesia?

Hustle knocking has me taking it down a thousand; meanwhile others were caught up!!  medical specialists pull out the anesthesia, some were reaching comatose.

Flashback Friday / back in the day?  engine knocking / oil leaking in the Oldsmobile Delta 88 / hooptie / mothership? winning / losing streaking, that's what's up with it!  lights blinked on the instrument panel but we got over it; what? the ill circumstance,  now we come with the beat and prose.

Flashback Friday / back in the way? naw!! O-Dizzle is rocking!! plus the street code is enforced for O-Zone!! persistence is shown, as we rose to the occasion.

What's the dizzle? we're taking it down a thousand / making adjustments during these  occasions..

What's the dizzle? we're taking it down a thousand while others will be caught up in the system / matrix..

That's the dizzle on this Flashback Friday or any day; we didn't play around with those out here trying to fake it unitl they make it...

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