Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand (Part Two)

 Through the universe? I was rolling!! I dipped!! now I'm taking it down by a thousand;  the Mothership is back on earth.

On this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday things can play out either way;  mentioned earlier, blessings and curses reside in the same spot!! per the latest scheme / plot we're asking; what's it all worth?

 So what it do? how will we play? we had work to do!!  taking it down a thousand!! the rebirth is ongoing!! the funk and the good word is dropped!! O-Dog aka O-Dizzle? that brotha is dee-jaying!

 Earthlings are questioning; they're cutting up from Dayton to El Paso; peace? we're trying to lasso it but it's elusive!! in the lab vinyl and cassettes are cut up and smashed;  it's conducive!! product is refurbished / re - manufactured / instant replaying.

  Intergalactic funk dropped!! oh yes!! thats how we're playing it!! I told that fast bro or sis to  act like you knew it.

 In Atlanta? a fanatic got crunk, now they're either lit or turned up!!  lit the blunt now either meth or weed is burned up,  rinsed down with that purple drank!! society and the environment?  we'll thank!! meanwhile the role? others are portraying it / slick like Russian Agents!! Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey? during the ongoing frenzy jokers are acting neurotic.

 Mathematics dropped by this bruh!! but after taking it down a thousand society asked;  what have you done for me lately? sounding  like Janet Jackson.

 Please!! after  taking it down a thousand were still cosmic slopping, putting work in like Samuel L Jackson

Taking it down a thousand!!  slowing down so the universe can catch up with me!! once speeding through the intersection.

 Taking it down a thousand!! No paternity test needed by Maury, I am the father and I follow the Heavenly father!! feel me on this!! O-Dog drops funk on your section.

Taking it down a thousand, but work will be put in usually of the breakbeat scientific realm;  searching for beat perfection like Africa Bambaata and the Soul Sonic Force, so what it do? we come through with force!!  this is Part Of A Bigger Plan.

 Working it all out, getting the machine set / wrecking it!! considered a 'short dog"  5/8 but with the heart of as bigger man..

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