Friday, August 30, 2019

We're Shutting It Down / Starting All Over Again (Part Three)

Hitting the reset button!! once again it's on is the slogan!! we're shutting it down / starting all over again!!

Astrologers mentioned this New Moon in Virgo, so we've got work to do; we're back like the college football season!! ready for the touchdown pass, just trying to get open.

Plans are put in motion, we've got work to do!! who'll acknowledge a fool out here rolling with that treason? like Trump loans co-signed by Russian oligarchs? explanation for a mind and hearts destiny? 

May have mentioned before; In This World? Supreme Courage Is Needed / You've Got To Be Strong!! I can't let them get the best of me.

Who's them? please!! haters will discourage, they said we're wrong!!  there's no rest for me and my people!! agents of Babylon stay busy. 

For the Euro or dollar? I see how they're trying to work it / trying to holla!!  collaborators are recruited!! who's part of the conspiracy?

We're shutting it down / starting all over again!! the drum is used to tell this story!!! check the messages in the songs.

We're shutting it down / starting all over again!! that's what's up, as we bump heads with the corrupt  / as we confront society's wrongs.

We're shutting it down / starting all over again!! we're not rolling like Boris Johnson vs the UK Parliament; O-Dizzle has these beats that bump, similar to George Clinton and the Parliament..

..per Flashback Friday they had the Bop Gun, meanwhile we kept it moving, we didn't stop we're not done!!  jokers will try to connect us to the conspiracy like Jeffrey Epstein to Bill Clinton; who would have thought it? 

This Sonic Assault? we're launching it like we usually do the mothership from our launching pad out here on I-20 in Atlanta..

Blasting off into the universe with the drum and a vrse; maybe somebody will understand a brotha!!


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