Friday, August 02, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, but at the moment I'm using some old school terminology..

I'm taking it down a thousand, you can usually catch me funking / hip hopping / jazzing it up or even housing!! that's O-Dizzle's philosophy!!

Per Flashback Friday? that's my Prerogative per Bobby Brown but now I'm slowing down so the universe can catch up with me;  I was out here moving too fast. 

Per Flashback Friday? your dude is rocking it, getting down but now I'm writing another verse or two trying to let my constituents see what it do!! the Keith Sweat theory?  trying to make it last. 

 I dropped the instrumental version, spotted another out here swerving but now cursing, wondering whether they're cursed or blessed? making money fast!! product was flipped!! 

 ATL movements detrimental? out here swerving but Dunwoody authorities tried to flex their so called powers so now what's up with ya? worst case scenario? they were stressed, due to the ill conduct they slipped.

 Per Flashback Friday? Slipping Into Darkness that good song played by War back in the day!! but they'll have to take it down a thousand soon the vinyl skipped.

  Who's waiting in the dark? in the midst of the ongoing spiritual warfare I kept a hardhat on with the lantern on top; taking it down a thousand so I was equipped. 

Vehicles weren't in park, movements were  made like Space X and Blue Origin, I-20 in Atlanta is the launching pad to the universe!! just got back from Pluto and Saturn, a brotha was hipped to universal law plus I bear witness to how the game was flipped...

 Recognized The Pattern; reality bruised and battered them and those!! some didn't have baggage but they tripped..

Recognized the pattern, hip to the charade accented while Mercury was retrograde,  astrologers even mentioned "retroshade" so now a dude is taking it down a thousand...

Recognized the pattern like Trump throwing shade at my constituents, while Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey clock Russian digits; soon karma will have them all  taking it down a thousand..

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