Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand (Part Nine)

Oh yes!! Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; so named because things can go either way..

The saga / struggle continues!  blessed to be here, claiming a terrific outcome! dropping this good word and pulling out the drum after taking it down a thousand to evaluate things; this is how we'll play...

Taking it down a thousand, but breakbeat science is dropped while we're caught in a moment of time. 

This is a critical stage of development, we've tried to get the gist of it while chilling out on so called sacred grounds;  opponents are dealt with, they perpetrated the crime. 

It's pitiful!! the devil is all up in it!! what? the details like debates about gun control, we see how Trump and McConnell will roll!! shady dealing out here in Babylon?  of course!  that's business as usual. 

What it do? we're back up in it even though society still  hates!! we're playing this,  it's the real thing baby!!  this is what it do!!

What it do? we're back up in it!   routines / rites and rituals weren't abandoned but we'll take it down a thousand;  sometimes that strategy is beneficial,  adding structure.

On the scene dropping these insights during these rough times?  oh yes!! we've been official,  the street code is followed!!  the system / matrix didn't corrupt a brotha.

On the scene!!  stayed on code,  peeping game as corrupt ones faked it /  played on code but it's a different one.

Check the mode as we take it down a thousand but not sleeping in the game;  still facing opposition as thought and fashion police accused me of being a belligerent one. 

Check the mode as we take it down a thousand but still creeping up in the game;  please!! we're not done!! there's work to do.

 Even though Leo season is closing,  check the treason!!  the devil is still opposing even as the season moves on to Virgo.

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