Thursday, August 22, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand (Part Ten)

We're chilling out on this Throwback Thursday; we're even using a throwback catch phrase, we're taking it down a thousand..

Leo season is coming to a close, now we're moving on to Virgo season; work to do, blue collar is the reason!! survival mode!! it's all about food, transportation and housing!!

Didn't fall for the okey doke / the treason;  I wasn't waiting in the dark, hip to the banana in the tailpipe!! even heard Trump "all up in my spot"   in Louisville;  the arch nemesis was on the premises making empty promises..

Heard what the inside joke / the hype would be about;  student loan relief for disabled veterans?  running game like mentioning background checks after mass shootings? the arch nemesis was on the premises making empty promises!! 

Going for broke, but peeping game after taking it down a thousand;  not following a fools doctrine!!  these jokers will have you running through hell with a gasoline suit on!!

Played like a joke on Comedy Central!! what you talking about Willis?  what it do? how are you trying to roll man? your neck? they had a foot on.

Atlanta Police put a boot on the hooptie,  that's how they do G!  but I know what the deal is so I broke north!! I scoot on!! like boot scooters in Nashville, even though no electric scooters are allowed in Nashville!!

...not seen while cruising down Broadway but there's too many down here in Atlanta!! meanwhile, will anybody understand a brotha who's breakbeat scientific?  your dude is dealing with that real!!  act like you knew me!! still everyday people!! back in the day per Throwback Thursday? your dude was getting real up in Louisville.

.. seen cruising down Broadway listening to Sly and The Family Stone talking about Everyday People while I was with my people!! but who arrested development for my people everyday? charges are trumped up from the hoods /  ghettos to settlements /  to townships!! 

Even from barrios out west after immigrants crossed the border coming from countries where they couldn't get any rest!!  my constituents? we bless!! check the scenarios, the response? we're dropping this good word and funky is how the sound gets.

Whatcha know?  we're taking it down a thousand after we found out about this and that at the heartbreak hotel.

Word from Whitney Houston, even the Jacksons with Michael Jackson or even Elvis;  what can I tell you about this? at least it wasn't the Hotel California!! after I took it down a thousand I wasn't under a spell.

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