Monday, August 12, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand (Part Six)

We're taking it down a thousand, life is hectic!! but per this Monday morning? we're back to regular scheduled programming the usual routines /  rites and rituals. 

We're taking it down a thousand, life is hectic!! Sunday morning? acting irregular on so called sacred grounds when I wrote this? naw cousin!!  that's not what it do or does!!

This breakbeat science is relevant!! it's rough out here!!  Saturday morning? I was feeling the tribes!! spotted homie / cousin over on Candler Road in Decatur looking frustrated.

Rocking the old school Barry Sanders jersey, looked like he was feeling unworthy; feeling the vibes,  as society hated.

Per Youngblood on KISS 104 on Saturday morning and appropriate for this Music Monday? that Johnny Guitar Watson jam "it's a real mother for ya"  played in the background; it seemed like dude was walking to the beat!!  

Schooled the young blood over in the hood, told him others are trying to raise the bar!! some will even raise "that stick" from Dayton to El Paso but we didn't let it go!!  we come back around with the good word and the sound!!  those stalking will feel the heat.

 O-Dizzle? never fooled with those that were shifty / shady; we're taking it down a thousand, dropping funk on them or we'll house them!!  these Sonic Assaults are unleashed on them,  they'll feel the wrath. 

O-Dizzle dropped the beats on them after his constituents beseeched or besought him, while O-Zone dropped this math.

Plans fizzle; karma / reality reached them and those that thought they were bullet proof, even if you were in a Federal prison like Jeffrey Epstein..

Some will even promote a Epstein -Clintons Conspiracy Theory but it comes with the territory; I peeped game while observing the scene...

Some will promote a Mega Group conspiracy, while we take it down a thousand in this hostile territory; but still  ready to roll,  trying to recoup or catch up on our pimping!! 

Built a moat around the castle or compound, now trying to take it down a thousand but meeting opposition; this is not a simple thing!!

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