Monday, February 29, 2016

Back On Schedule? Oh Yes!! Recognize The Pattern

It's not Easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores we walked through these doors; now, Monday Morning is here...

Monday Morning Blahs? Rah Rah Rah!!?? the choice is yours!! it's a blessing to be here but loathing / fearing / scorning? they're out there..

Back On Schedule?  *Recognize The Pattern* two Monday mornings in a row!! winning an Oscar like Leonard DiCaprio?

Back On Schedule? reality batteriing like Chris Rock stealing the show?   it's kind of early,  I need caffeine / capuccino ..

Back On Schedule: Negro please is what I want to tell Ben Carson types, but I guess they feel like they're *doing what they gotta do* 

Back On Schedule?  I couldn't be at ease, like Isleys I Have Work To Do plus per Donald Trump / David Duke and the KKK I see what the plot and scheme will do... 

Some will let it go but the drama didn't surprise me, reality will thump you upside the head!! life is full of obstacles / bad breaks / setbacks...

Back On Schedule?  Oh Yes!! *Recognize The Pattern*  we're trying to make it to the next level,  but always facing dramatics due to glitches in the matrix.

Trying to get in a groove, currently underground / subterranean, but the next devil is casing the joint!! I spotted them trying to fake it.

Trying to get in a groove, check the sound and the good word!! dues? we're paying them!!  but now the Chinese have currency concerns, the bank? they're trying to break it..

Some were trying to prove to me that its all love:  but I can't take it, no loyalty was shown.

O-Dog hooked up the funky groove, so let the music play!!  back on schedule, jumping and recognizing as haters play me the other way!! but on this last day of Black History Month I realize I'm royalty,  that's word from O-Zone.

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