Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (The Presidents Day / Valentines Day Recap)

This is business as usual: oh yes!!  we're still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta. 

This is the President's Day / Valentine's Day recap:  somebody might understand a brotha!!  

Some were distracted by the Grammys while haters play President Obama the other way,  trying to intimidate him.

No appointment for Justice Scalia's spot?  Republicans will scheme and plot!!  damn!! Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell are at it again. 

Earlier, old dude told me about losing money fooling with those jokers during the government shutdown

The attitude will be rude if he catches them in those streets!! please!!   he'll put it down. 

Check O-Dogs attitude;  he batches beats up,  oh yes!! he puts it down like that. 

O-Zone? he updates this Captain's Log after rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! he puts it down like that. 

Meanwhile smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors had some players breaking bread for Valentine's Day. 

Meanwhile horrors and terrors from Boko Haram in Nigeria to Doctors Without Borders in Syria gaffled by Russians were going down:  check how a foul one will play. 

Checked the mass hysteria while crossing borders, dipping down Old National Highway in College Park,  Creflo Dollar wants the road named after him. 

Soon I was out in Fayetteville,  out by Holyfields old mansion!! Rick Ross moved in after him. 

My freedom is not determined by a coin toss, so how will they play this Louisville / Newburg dude dipping down I-20 in Atlanta? 

I'm dodging Wal Mart and Swift trucks plus Taylor Swift vs Kanye West come ups!! Please!!  it's a big world,  somebody will understand a brotha. 

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