Sunday, February 28, 2016

This Is The February Recap PT.2 (I Had Time To Do Another One)

 February draws to a close, I did an recap earlier but I have time to do another one, even though life is hectic..

Scary when caught in a moment of time? Fortress Of Solitude type of business gets handled, this is a Critical Stage of Development..

Slow your roll!! abort this operation because of your attitide like #NeverTrump?  some even accuse him of fraternizing with white supremacists..

Slow your roll?  abort this operation? naysayers with an attitude said we would never get over the hump, but we're surprising them!! we show them what Supreme Courage is!!

Showing them we have soul like the Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry blasting from 38 feet against the OKC Thunder!!  devil's advocates opposed, they wanted to see us go under!! threats were like the GOP vs Obama Supreme Court nominations..

Society will hate on these spiritual warriors even though February was Black History Month!! these living legends continue to show character and passion...

February is over but we'll  keep clashing with so called powers that be!!  times are hard on the boulevard!!  but like Kurtis Blow these are the breaks!!   Broken English /  broken beats with funk mixed in.

Excuse me for cashing out / cutting my losses!! no longer on the Eastside like the Jeffersons I'm down on I-20 in Atlanta!! it's a *hood thing*  similar to the weed slick ass Tony had:  he sold it with parsley and oregano mixed in.

Excuse me for lashing out with these borderline / on the edge rants and raves!!  stereotypical,  saying your dude misbehaves because this ia a hood thing?  please!! I rebuke things that aren't a good thing similar to Ice and Crack fixed in hell's kitchen by evil chefs.

Excuse me for lashing out with these!! rebuking the "hood thing" on AM radio stations  per the new type gangsters similar to Rush, Hannity, Limbaugh and Michael Savage pulling recipes for disaster off of shelves.

Check out this February Recap; the prelude to O-Dog pulling vinyl and cassette masters off of shelves and manipulating them with pawn shop instruments and appliances..

Check out this February Recap; oh, but the saga / struggle continues God willing!! God is good!! sometimes used as an instrument and sometimes missing blessings / dealing with it for not being in compliance..


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