Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Smart Thing To Do

Working hard!!  I may have mentioned earlier the style is blue collar. 

Also working smart: please!!  the system is foul,  you'll get played for a dollar. 

Or a Euro, Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero so who's working smart like Donald Trump in South Carolina and Nevada caucuses? 

Please!!  that joker will say anything but I'm dedicated to the truth,  unlike Putin in Ukraine: the Caucasus. 

...Plus they're robbing and looting Syria,  check the mass hysteria: meanwhile  ISIS is mad at Twitter and Facebook but it  was on the road to Damascus

Like Paul, biblical figures? naw, they were rolling in Toyota trucks after clocking major figures from oil sales,  even though prices are down  but soon going up:  but I'm no expert so don't ask us. 

Intergalactic with it!!  above the clouds like the back in the day / Throwback Thursday Gangstarr joint. 

Still hungry and thirsty,  while fanatics in North Korea promise mushroom clouds!!  meanwhile I listen to DJ Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz,  rocking crowds with that joint!!

Fanatics plot and scheme like joint committees and blue ribbon panels like  it's the establishment vs Donald Trump.

....Plus they try to bully Obama into not selecting a Supreme Court justice:  jokers were on the bully pulpit or stump. 

....Talking about its the smart thing to do,  to wait after the upcoming election,  meanwhile getting over the hump is our mission. 

Haters will accent an imperfection so we're distracted trying to survive: what's the smart thing to do?  like the Occupy Movement did we forget about our mission?

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