Saturday, February 13, 2016

There's Always Something PT. 5 (The I-20 Chronicles Edition)

 Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta on  President's Day / Valentine's Day Weekend; traffic was heavy, it soon stopped from Conyers to Wesley Chapel Road..

Who'll understand a bruh?  like how will President Obama play per the death of Justice Antonin Scalia? I can see what the response will be!! The GOP will debate then pray at the chapel, so what's the mode?

There's always something!! the drama will jump off anywhere!! Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said were already in a Cold War..

 There's always something!! the drama will jump off anywhere!! I let you know what's up with these I-20 Chronicles!! I'm trying to heal an old scar...

 There's always something!! society will raise an old bar or activate the glass ceiling like it  was the retractable roof  at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas..

There's always something!! I was told to play on player per this NBA All-Star Weekend but the outlook is a bleak one as some are still hating, see how foul it is?  

How were others responding?  play on player was the behavior per this Valentine's Day Weekend!!  things were going smooth, Stonecrest Mall was busy, Olive Garden was crowded plus Red Lobster was jumping and not because of Beyonce!! but I still peep game, there's always something.

What are some trying to prove? my peeps are under attack y'all!! Facebook was tripping plus we were banned from Blogster!! meanwhile some were asleep in the game!! they're up to nothing!!

There's always something!! I move on, dipping down I-20 in Atlanta per these chronicles!!  there's always something there  to remind me / episodes play out in front of me!! I recognize what it do.

Spotted greedy ones!!! they tried to front on me and my people!! they're having their cake and eating it too.

Needy ones? we're representing them!! these preachers / politicians we're just out here faking the funk.

Progress was impeded; so we unleashed the Sonic Assault with this good word / the breakbeats and the funk.

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