Thursday, February 11, 2016

There's Always Something (But We Kept On Running) PT.3

 Man!! you heard the catch phrase / cliche: it's about taking one step forward, and then two back!! *There's Always Something*

Naysayers will wonder how a bruh plays like how they're trying to front on Cam Newton; the truth? we're not disputing so it was lonely out there!!  but we kept on running

Oil companies humming and bumming? please!! those jokers we're price gouging a while ago!! 

Fertile soil? soon planting,  per spring being around the corner!! trying to get back in shape after lounging all winter!! bear witness to how the style will go...

Where will the foul go? play on players is what I told them!!!!  told them I'm through playing with y'all!! there was always something!!  they contributed to the hectic / chaotic lifestyle but we fight back: I  told them the weapons we use are unconventional.

What did the foul know? they said we had Hazardous Material, said we were  *Armed and Dangerous*  but we're not strange with this!!  beats and this good word are  in our arsenal.

What did the foul know?  explosive devices were detonated by Boko Haram at shelters in Nigeria!! there's always something as some contribute to the mass hysteria!! I see how they're trying to roll..

What did the foul know?  they'll try to get slick like Cliven Bundy and Oregon standoff participants but I told jokers I wasn't with this!!  there's always something!!  I told them I didn't want to start with ya, but  I can see the situation is out of control.

There's always something! some didn't know how to act!! taking you and me under will be the plot or scheme per Bernie Madoff types; they're trying to pollute our souls.

There's always something! but through it all these brothas kept on running!! down I-20 in Atlanta the hooptie rolls..

..Representing a spaceship moving through the galaxy, detecting gravitational waves validating Einstein's theory of relativity

..Knowing some are fake with it!! foul will be the behavior so you know there's always something!! that's reality..

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