Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves PT.2

It's going down!! the train of thought derailed but there were no injuries / no damage was done.  

That's how it goes when you approach the borderline or when your out there on the edge!! but I managed things,  I didn't come undone. 

O-Dog managed the drums, while  O-Zone is a veteran in the game now coaching:  but I wasn't in the armed services. 

I'm a veteran of life,  a street soldier out there by the border with these rants and raves!! I'm trying to swerve with this. 

I'm ready to roll after observing this and that scene,  but what does it all mean?  a joker misbehaves like Donald Trump in pursuit of power.

 ...Opposed by  Chicago Cubs Marlene Ricketts types as we pay high ticket prices!! meanwhile others will drop out of the race like Jeb Bush after getting thumped upside the head!! not feeling sorry because the Bush family still has money from Prescott Bush / Adolph Hitler days,  so they still have power. 

Others will drop out of the race,  now smoked out on that dry kush after reality hit them up like the young dudes at the Shell station on Panola Road in Lithonia:  Dred Scott decisions relevant? 

Per Black History Month? but  jokers still floss and front like dude holding up traffic on Panola Rd in the old school Caddie Fleetwood Brougham:  what's the deal with it? 

Others ask me,  what's the deal with it? it's  in reference to these rants and raves your dude posted on the Internet. 

Brothas like me are borderline / on the edge residents;  these are updated African chants plus we have beats that are heard at raves, some say your homie misbehaves when he placed this bet. 

Brothas like me are out of order with mine!! but a dude like me has a story to tell I'm not out here trying to swerve like Johnny Manziel..

Breakbeat science is dropped per these borderline / on the edge rants and raves after the Mothership Landed; I was able to solve the riddle


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