Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Recruiting Process PT.5

 Just got back from the Holiday Weekend: President's Day / Valentine's Day: now it's time to get down...

How did some play? said it'll be a bleak one per the President's play!! Supreme Court nominations are on deck,  R.I.P.  Antonin Scalia even though to my people he showed no respect; oh!! I remember how he put it down!!

The recruiting process? it's still going down!! Ted Cruz Supreme Court wolf tickets are sold / or crying wolf as some understand it.... 

I Can Understand It per Bobby Womack or maybe  the version by New Birth!! I go back, but futuristic check the funk  rebirth after the mothership landed..

I couldn't stand it!! what? the recruiting process!! these earthlings wanted me to join them, but they tried to play me like I was Boo Boo The Fool!!  

Living my life like it's golden per Jill Scott but earthlings scheme and plot!! just rode past the Gold Dome in Downtown Atlanta!! at the swap meet / flea market? gold plated merchandise awaits a fool!!

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