Saturday, February 20, 2016

Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves

I'm out on the border like immigrants from Mexico, making Pope Francis talk reckless about Donald Trump? 

I'm out of order like Park of Atlanta parking meters with Sen. Vincent Fort ready to run them out of town!! now Mayor  Kasim Reed is mad at him!! damn!!  I'm on the outskirts of town / out on the edge; rolling down I-20 in the hooptie, beats will thump...

Waiting in the dark constituents will be stumped by this brotha dropping breakbeat science, holding down the fort!!  jokers will try to read me my rights..

Vehicles aren't in park or moving  due to opiates and barbiturates, plus the brotha wasn't drunk or smoked out!! excuse me for having graffiti splattered train of thoughts!!  but we're rolling, dropping these insights..

Some people are in the dark: life is a bitch isn't it?  lose me? oh yes,  it's easy to do!! but scattered thoughts are soon collected electronically, so we're rolling!

 ...Priors in this territory due to the criminal activity will delay progress:  the Lord will call the good ones home like Riverdale's Major Greg Barney!! the response from trying to do good didn't alarm me!! side eyes /  sideways glances will always be there!  it's rough out there, just look how the GOP in South Carolina is rolling...

Priorities shift; after catching hell blatant and subliminal messages are interpreted: choosing me to take this assignment?  the Lord  did!!  playing me like I was Ethan Hunt

Priorities shift;  middle passage reflections are made and not just during Black History Month!! now words and beats are manipulated after I gather and hunt.

Priorities shift due to borderline / on the edge moves being made!! Black History in the making due to the new emphasis on living legends?  I'm dropping math I'm not pulling a stunt!! Yes Sir!! Yes Sir!! a brand new man!! from Louisville / Newburg, I hit the reset button,  I remembered where I got my game from!

Priorities shift due to borderline / on the edge moves being made!! a brand new man that can't go home? please!! my mind travels,  I went back to the start!! I went back to where I came from!

....Now moving forward with a new perspective!!  from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg with stops in  the ATL to Charlotte / Mecklenburg:  from Pluto to Mars!!  but due to these *Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves*  I  knew I'd be disrespected due to the ongoing conspiracy!

Once again it's on!!  these *Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves* are all about dropping knowledge and sounds usually heard at raves!!  putting it down is my top priority!

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