Friday, February 19, 2016

Back On Schedule (The Stop Playing / Quit Playing Edition)

 Check us out, we're back on schedule!! old jokers were always talking about the early bird getting the worm...

We're back on schedule!! ill episodes almost broke us!! we were walking into traps, soon fell in a hole with the worm..

Otherwise known as a wormhole, similar to the rabbit hole so what did you learn bro? I was intergalactic like the Hubble Telescope spotting supermassive  black holes per galaxy NGC 4889, but a fanatic told me to stop playing mine...

Wise and otherwise should have learned bro!! like Donald Trump vs Pope Francis throwing rocks when both live in glass houses!! meanwhile we get breakbeat scientific as beats thump per jazz, hip hop and house and the good word is dropped but who'll understand us? I haven't stopped praying for mine...

Wise and otherwise should have learned bro!! they need to stop playing or quit playing like Republicans saying Obama shouldn't do his job and nominate a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! per Gomer Pyle!!  some of these jokers are foul!! like Nathan in Georgia they'll have a Shady Deal for ya.. 

 Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! check the style, we're back on schedule broadcasting live from Atlanta Georgia, but we're local, national, international and intergalactic!! oh yes!! we'll take it there!!

There's always something there to remind me the situation is foul!! even liars like Ted Cruz add to the story, enhancing it!!  they need to  *Stop Playing / Quit Playing*  but in love or war? nothing is fair.

As I go there? even though some told us to *Stop Playing / Quit Playing* or even Quid Pro Quo we go for what we know!! it's a blessing to be back on schedule getting breakbeat scientific with it!! dropping this good word and brand new funk.

Oh yes!! they told  others to *Stop Playing / Quit Playing*  but somebody kept old girls tradition going!! ..spraying Lysol!! saying that things stink / stank and stunk!

We're back on schedule!! an A-Town resident getting crunk!!  default settings applied per being from the Louisville area aka  *LA*  *hey hey hey whatcha got to say* Hollywood Swinging from Kool and The Gang...we're back on schedule!!  so just let the music play!

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