Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves PT.3

The process is ongoing,  they say one in pursuit of freedom misbehaves. 
The stress had me at the border / out on the edge:  the reason for these rants and raves. 

Check the Seasons / Reasons:  God will bless in the midst of the madness, as we put it down like this. 

The reign began with a drizzle:  check the mist,  like Atlanta weather this morning!! meanwhile like the Yankees vs Cam Newton haters are loathing, fearing and scorning!!  it's going down like this. 

Jokers were slick like Vladimir Putin in Syria per the *cessation of hostilities* meanwhile some question these abilities!!   the pain is rebuked by O-Dizzle!!  breakbeats were on deck, as I go postal!!  put a stamp on them. 

O-Zone juked like Barry Sanders,  as I rock his throwback jersey after eating the breakfast of champions.

Dunking like Julius Erving when he was with the New York / New Jersey Nets as history repeats per this danger zone business:  who'll understand this?  as I type this it's not Throwback Thursday,  its Terrible / Terrific Tuesday. 

What's the perspective, negative or positive? swerving like a  pseudo intellectual with Elvis type blue suede shoes?  fresh,  uber styles with a new way?

 Disrespected by Kalamazoo Uber drivers?  blessed to be survivors!!  some don't know how to live on the borderline or on the edge. 

...As I tell you what it do!! arriving /  dipping like a South American immigrant crossing the border in Arizona avoiding Trump supporter  Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his stormtroopers, plus Arizona residents ready to shoot it out!!  but I'm still benevolent as I drop this knowledge. 

..As I tell you what it do, before the Trump Border Wall is built, Pope Francis said he's wrong for that!! 

 .As I tell you what it do with this good word, plus beats will thump y'all: I'm out here on the edge, by the border y'all: check out these rants and raves: damn!! somebody told me I'm wrong for that!!

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