Saturday, February 27, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (We Did It Like That, So Now We Do It Like This)

It's going down!! it was another typical Saturday: we did it like this / we did it like that...

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta is how we'll play; spiritual warfare? it's still going down!! we'll fight that..

We came right back like a corrupt spirit would do in sheeps clothing: Matthew7:15-20  mentioned false prophets but that's not how we're trying to rock this..

Trying to bring the light back from those waiting in the dark: peeps were fearing and loathing like the GOP establishment vs Donald Trump: when we try to get over the hump with the hustle jokers will knock this.. 

Trying to bring this insight back!! who's hating saying I need therapy like Kanye West when there's nothing wrong with him!! that genius has the masses fooled just like Donald Trump..

These borderline / on the edge rants and raves are off the top of the head like the bald head O-Zone shaves; but a joker said a brotha misbehaves when he tries to get over the hump..

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta: out of order with mine? please!! It's gotta be good!!  I'm wrote these scriptures on back of an astrology reading.

Others believed scriptures from KKK types then want to fight like in Anaheim: we saw where that was leading..

What's achieved? KKK types like David Duke support Donald Trump?  campaign speechs / lectures interupted by supporter?  I guess the garden needs weeding..

It's gotta be good: some said a hood thing!! so we bring a mixture of hood knowledge, religion, plus corporate and collegiate science: that's what I'm feeding.

True indeed!!  we did it like this and did it like that like that Crooklyn Dodger Masta Ace said!! we didn't abort operations plus we're through playing games!! we sent prayers up.

True indeed!! we're on the case rolling down I-20 in Atlanta with a West Coast state of mind; rolling like Golden State Warriors finishing fast breaks with three pointers, dunks and layups.



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