Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Recruiting Process PT. 4 (Can't Beat Them Join Them?)

 ...Mentioned uphill struggles in previous episodes, so I'm trying to Transcend and Transform...a brotha is still climbing.

The saga / struggle continues, it's beyond thresholds!! atmosphere  polluted like New Delhi?  what's the deally? what condition did I find myself in?

Just trying to climb out of the abyss, but hard to get traction!! even in the Timberlands,  I couldn't get a grip.

Slipping into darkness like that group War?  blues like Bobby Blue Bland's?  recruiters wanted me to join the team so I wouldn't flip.

...So I dipped in the Mothership rolling through the universe aka dipped  in the hooptie rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!!  on Valentine's Day Weekend we got off to a rocky start / a nightmare, but landed on planet earth; old earth creationists said count  your blessings.

Spotted dogs that tripped!!! barked up the wrong tree?  part of their DNA? barking dogs hit with rocks like Scientologists? always stressing? 

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