Monday, February 08, 2016

The Recruiting Process PT.3 (I'm Through With It)

 Flagrant agents continue *doing what they're doing* check out the ongoing recuiting process!! I told them I'm done / it's done  / I'm over it  / I'm through with it. 

O-Zone? they act like I'm not the one!! banned from Blogster, while Slashdot labeled this breakbeat science as spam and like Facebook wanting to see credentials:  I'm through with it. 

Just updating this Captain's Log sir!! I'm not trying to hash a scheme or plot!! face to face with a crook?  jokers will get gaffled like Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers did by the Denver Broncos!! now they want to act brand new with it!! so called officials have the story twisted. 

Recruiters were rolling like Ted Cruz's crew sabotaging Ben Carson's campaign by recruiting his voters in Iowa!!    meanwhile, during the ongoing reign?  O-Zone wasn't baffled plus O-Dog will take a hook line and his own beats, rebuking the demands that are listed. 

 Recruiters were rolling up, they said I would lose!! but I told them I was through with it!!  but the devil stays busy, I know the drama will probably be revisited,  like family reunions this summer. 

..So I'm acting like I knew it by  dropping this good word,  plus you'll hear from the funky drummer.

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