Saturday, February 06, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Oh Yes!! It's Still Going Down!!)

What? Are We Still Rolling? Oh Yes!! Your dude is still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta. 

The attitude is still radical,  no time for a sabbatical!!  too much is going on,  somebody might understand a brotha! 

It's going down from the AU Center to Conyers,  I'm responding like John Conyers would  if he was in office to drama like  the Flint Water Crisis.

 It's going down from Downtown Atlanta at the Capitol aka Gold Dome where Ku Klux Klan sympathizers like Tommy Benton legislate on over to the West End and to Decatur:  a hater will act like he's rolling with ISIS. 

...Or maybe Boko Haram, so what are they on?   aided by Western covert / black ops contributions?  ain't nothing nice about this kid! so whatcha know man? 
CIA, FBI, and other alphabet boys contribute to the madness:  even though some get played like Chistopher Dorner black cops go along with the program. 

Cruising down Donald L Hollowell, Joseph Boone and Joseph Lowery Blvd during Black History Month? all I saw was black cops, but what else was a criminal justice major from Albany State or Fort Valley State  supposed to know man? 

Choosing to take the assignment like Ethan Hunt in a Rogue Nation: check out this Black History edition!! jokers will try to play you like Ethan Couch, so whatcha know man? 

Losing spells / winning spells in the hunt? hunters get captured by the game!!  Babylon will caste a spell  as you get your hustle on! 

Cruising down I -20 in Atlanta, a sonic hunter and gatherer with more math for ya!!  soon having a story to tell,  exercising the mental muscle once again it's on! 

It's going down!! soon having a story to tell like the CNN State of The Union..

Cruising down I -20 in Atlanta!! staying one step ahead of demon deacons showing hate during the communion...

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