Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There's Always Something!! Pt.6 (Always Something There To Remind Me)

There's always something!! Progress impeded? please!!  politicians were talking junk like Donald Trump on waterboarding!! setbacks and bad breaks rationalized.

There's always something!! Progress impeded? crooks beg, borrow, steal!! some are crowdfunding like Kanye West!! please!! some said socialism is the system per Bernie Sanders at Morehouse but corporations get crunk!! soon nationalized?

There's always something!! the stress is not needed, there'll be no cooperation with those crooks!!  understand this? my hands are sanitized.

Jokers were like mosquitoes trying to spread the Zika virus ! I  told crooks to abort the mission by swinging the sword of truth!!  my hands are sanitized.

These I-20 Chronicles are serious, we're not playing!!  no endorsements like Marco Rubio from Nikki Haley,  haters say this is hazardous material:   can't say I'm surprised by the attack and not surprised by the outcome.

Proceed?  continue?  oh yes!! tracks comprised of funks / breaks are weapons used!!  I also pulled out the drum.

Things were running smooth,  but soon demonized!! now I'm like Ohio Players  running from the devil trying to destroy me.

There's always something!!  spiritual warfare is going down!! on the frontlines?  the Lord will deploy me.

But it's rough out here!! there's always something there to remind me like the Naked Eyes joint!!

But it's rough out here!! even Obama tried to tell Trump this is no reality show!! a fake one lies but America will anoint?   

So, what's your point? that's what they ask a brotha!! I told them don't make me scold you like the Pope in Mexico..

 There's always something!! that's what I told another!! there's always something there to remind me that it's rough out here!! but I knew it from the get go!!


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