Wednesday, February 24, 2016

From The Bottom To The Top And Vice Versa

It's going down per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we're on some next level business / its from the bottom to the top. 

But it can be vice versa: fanatics will damn ya / curse ya!! soon moving from the top to the bottom per Jeb Bush as jokers are scheming and plotting!!  they didn't quit and didn't stop. 

Meanwhile we'll rock them / cold crush them:  O-Zone and O-Dog are teaming up to drop breakbeat science on them. 

We're trying to shut it down like Gitmo,  we knew jokers were shady from the get go!!  now it's all on them!!

 Down I-20 in Atlanta we keep rolling,  one step ahead of these Hunger Games Peacekeepers

Similar to Dekalb Police,  I just saw them rolling down I-20 ten deep, something must be ready to jump off!!  some are waiting in the dark asleep,  soon heard saying damn!! we let them creep up on us! 

Please!! jokers will receive an unwanted bonus!! meanwhile society will sleep on us,  as we move from the bottom to the top. 

Check the style per these next level maneuvers;  were on our way up to the top. 

But check out the other side of the game, from the top to the bottom some are falling!! they'll try to catch you out there like Charlie Strong..

Others get caught up in the game like Andre McGee and Katina Powell, so what's really going on up in Louisville? the situation is foul, we have to stay strong...

Still rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinals hat as we move from the bottom to the top...

But it can be vice versa, haters will damn ya / curse ya!! soon it's like the GOP establishment vs Donald Trump: when will the madness stop? 


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