Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Writing Code PT. 10 (Breakbeat Scientific With It)

So what's up? excuse me I beg your pardon,  but I'm still writing this code. 

It's not for a limited time only like Colonel Sanders talking about Nashville Hot Chicken in the fast food commercial, I'll probably do it for a while as I proceed and continue;  I'm in breakbeat scientific mode. 

I'm not a politician like Bernie Sanders I'm still following the street code!!  I don't have the game twisted like Andre McGee and Katina Powell. 

What were they on / was the mission? soon we have  post season bans for Louisville basketball!!  the situation is foul. 

Check the style as I write this code, I'm blue collar with it!!  I don't have time for stupid questions from reporters, I'll walk out of the interview like Cam Newton.

 Check the style as I write this code:  I'm scientific like Isaac Newton. 

Rebuking those that pull capers like Vladimir Putin,  they're slick with it. 

Some have plans for nuking like North Korea with broke down satellites,  plus their insights are like the Zika virus  they're sick with it.

 There's a trick to this!!  we stick to original plans and recipes when we write this code.

 Not a trick with it!!  this is part of a bigger plan when we're in breakbeat scientific mode. 

Stick with it!! that was the advice given to me back in the day from the old school Baptist preacher...

Stick with it!! that's the advice I pass on to the masses when I write this code / I'm just trying to reach ya!!

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