Friday, February 12, 2016

There's Always Something PT. 4

 Chilling out, reflecting: this is *Flashback Friday*  so like old school preachers would say I govern myself accordingly..

Shady dealing out here in Babylon for the cash? check out how they play!! who's paying the price / paying dues? what's the key factor? affording it will be..

What? freedom!! from Philadelphia Freedom per Elton John to the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party or MFDP!!  what will the deal be? 

We're chilling out rolling down I-20 in Atlanta  listening to TSOP the sounds of Philadelphia  MFSB, Unlike LeSean McCoy jeapordizing his freedom up in Philadelphia!! meanwhile at Democratic debates Bernie and Hillary will agree to disagree...

What are they on? boy please!! act like you know  the deally!! there's always going to be something as long as we're on terra firma...

It's rough out here!! you can't be at ease, there's always something!! some jokers are hard-headed, a slow learner...
Out there?  I stayed in my own lane, there's always something!!  others swerve, they'll hold up progress.

Like Kanye West vs Taylor Swift jokers are drawing attention from the public and authorities, because they drive reckless.

We're  blessed as priorities shift like the cease fire in Syria!! using multi-dimensional survival tactics, admitting its sometimes reckless abandon.

*There's Always Something*  but knowing more than I thought I did, now thoughts are selected at random.

We don't understand him I heard them say!! talking about the Brotha O.

*There's Always Something*  I haven't attended the players ball or convention lately, too busy going for what I know.

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