Sunday, February 07, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Super Bowl 50 Edition)

Once again it's on!! check these I-20 Chronicles!! unlike Marco Rubio catching hell at the Republican Debate  business will get handled. 

This is my calling, handing out assists like Ricky Rubio but still  Po Pimpin like Do or Die,  I wasn't big balling!! please!!  Babylon will leave you stranded. 

I wasn't out  on I-80 or Highway 101 in the Bay Area big balling for Super Bowl 50, plus watching  Golden State Warriors beat Oklahoma City!! I was out off of I-20 in Decatur  *South Dekalb Malling* where  it smelled like bug spray and old grease that wings are cooked in. 

Dekalb Police patrolling with the resting bitch face or even the side eye emoji;  soon a brotha will get booked in.

...Where?  the Dekalb County Jail!!  the county will balance the budget some kind of way.

 Like their neighbors further down I-20,  the City of Atlanta:  that's how they play! 

Now I'm feeling some kind of way!! Church!!   tell  or don't tell your neighbor!! you'll have to eat what you kill.

What?  that's the Wall Street motto plus it was on the t-shirt at South Dekalb Mall, so what's up y'all? act like you know the deal. 

You know the real!!  like old girl playing the lotto at the Citgo station on Candler Road we're blessed and highly favored like the vanity plate on her  *Stankin Lankin*

...Also known as a Lincoln Continental;  Sly and The Family Stone?  for letting me be myself,  the Lord I'm thanking.

Check these brink of disaster mental gymnastics with no ranking in the Olympics,  but while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta it's similar to North Korea rocket launch dynamics!!  

Thinking like a Rasta but rocking the baldy with a skully on due to the cold weather in Atlanta, who'll understand a brotha as I drop these mathematics?

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