Friday, February 26, 2016

This Is The February Recap

 This Is The February Recap!! I know, I'm a couple of days early!!  annoying when I drop this breakbeat science? naw!!  this is how I do things....

...Plus it's scary: I'm  glad Marco Rubio doesn't rap with that annoying  / whiny voice: commander in chief? please!! I have doubts that he *knew things* 

Megan Trainor needs to tell him it's all about that bass and no treble!! supposedly stepped his game up by attacking Donald Trump..

Did Megan Kelly train him? meanwhile this dude's train of thought is rolling, plus per the bass and treble the beats will thump...

What can a joker tell me?  I see them in Florsheim shoes and Men's Wearhouse suits standing on bully pulpits  and stumps debating like Republicans. 

What's the score man?  February has been a rough month!! I'm struggling drinking a 79 cent Snapple and  trying to get a sandwich like Martin's  *Fifth Floor Bruh Man*
This is the February Recap; I'm trying to fight like FBI vs Apple!!  during the process?  jokers we'll  pimp slap.

Black History Month?  please!!  history is in the making per the emphasis on living legends;  if your tired go take a nap. 

That's word from EPMD*You Gots To Chill* these brothers aren't faking!!  O-Zone drops this good word like he's an honorary member of the Watts Writers Workshop.

What's the deal? spots were burned down by FBI informant Darthard Perry types aka Trojan horses in the system: meanwhile  O-Dog's funk is revolutionary like Oakland sportsmen!!  he's dropping the cosmic slop. 

What's up man?  the February Recap will let you know what it do. 

What's up man?  still keeping it revolutionary acting like I knew. 

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