Monday, February 08, 2016

Writing Code PT.9 (Letting Them Know It's Rough Out Here)

I'm still writing this code like a computer programmer; it's like I'm writing applications...

Information overload from a rough weekend? misery loves company, they'll start a corporation and they're accepting applications..

It was a rough weekend!! a post season ban placed on the Louisville Cardinals and then the Carolina Panthers got roughed up by the Denver Broncos!! no dabbing by Cam Newton.

It was a rough weekend for Marco Rubio trying to act like he knows!! please!!  what goes up must come down, the universal law of gravity was mentioned by Isaac Newton..

I'm not acting brand new son!! while writing this code I let the people know that it's rough out here...

I'm not acting brand new son!! still following the street code based on Louisville / Newburg default settings when I bring this product from the lab: it's rough out here!!

I check the conduct; the smash and grab and car jacking is used by these players in Atlanta that are out after a dollar!! damn!! it gets foul.

Check the conduct: during the ongoing madness we kept on running: we even had to  hit the reset button so the healing process could begin;  now once again its on!! O-Zone hits the dial

Check the conduct / check the style as we write this code based on being *Out There*  *But It Got Lonely* *But We Kept On Running*  now coming through with reckless abandon.

 Check the conduct / check the style as we write this code high and low technical!!  O-Zone went into a zone while O-Dog kept funky drumming!! scattered thoughts are selected at random.

Like North Korea's Shining Star satellite flying over the Super Bowl we'll take it there when we write this code!!

Check the scenario; the Shining Star per Earth Wind and Fire / Maurice White type of science is what we write, check the mode!!

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