Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The I-20 Chronicles (We're Still Out Here)

Oh yes!! we're still out here dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, but I Had a moment or two;  reflecting  / contemplating on what it do; of course your dude is peeping game.

Oh yes!! we're still out here dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! this is a confirmation, check the manifesto!! disrespecting? you know the thought and fashion police are like Wilbur Ross vs NOAA employees; please!! we're not sleeping in the game..

The opponent aka the arch nemesis is deflecting passes in the ongoing game but we're rolling like Drew Brees,  we already knew.

The arch nemesis was on the premises, disrespecting like Trump vs the intelligence community, but we peeped the lack of intelligence in that community; we already knew..

How did we deal with this? still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta beats bump in the hooptie as we dip through the community as we exercise diplomatic immunity; it wasn't about the money that was like chasing the wind; but I mentioned earlier that the eagle flew,  paying off some of my constituents.

Empty promises soon made,  so what it do?  my people are caught up in the system / matrix charade; left wondering what the constitution states.

Chilling out at the moment,  usually covering a lot of territory out on I-20 in Atlanta and beyond!!  especially with the music.

...from gangster rap to gospel music? per these breakbeat scientific principles it's all conducive;  we can use it.

 Pranksters get pimp slapped  from Louisville to Atlanta!!  they'll make you think they're on the team like Robert Mueller or James 'Mad Dog" Mattis. 

They can't save us they're part of the establishment meanwhile sounds  will blast!!  O-Dizzle will post anything from Public Enemy to Johnny Mathis.

What's up son? we're back with this!! dropping knowledge based on I-20 in Atlanta excursions..

Even rolled up I-85 into North Carolina, trying to see what District Nine does in their elections..

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