Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We're Shutting It Down / Starting All Over Again (Part Nine)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on per this Humpday Extravaganza edition, but we're taking our usual pause for the cause..

The saga / struggle continues as you've heard me say time and time again; some will ask why? I tell them because!!

Actually it's due to the ongoing cause and effect, these jokers will show disrespect like Corey Lewandowski before the House Judiciary Committee..

O-Zone mentioned being down for the cause as I-20 maneuvers were made; stories about the ongoing charade / word on the curb / word in the wind were transmitted by the street committee..

O-Dizzle? my alter ego is with me as this Virgo season comes to a close; the Fall Equinox is on deck, so we're shutting it down and starting all over again...

What's the dizzle? work is put in to battle the ongoing treason; letting y'all know that we will rock!! O-Zone will drop this good word while O-Dog aka O-Dizzle  aka O-Town aka O-City will provide the sound / blend..

We're shutting it down / starting all over again but like Benjamin Netanyahu  we're meeting opposition; no majority was developed during the Israel election!! it's said the situation needed to be interactive; it required audience participation. 

Oh yes!! we're putting it down per our digital crate digging but we dipped for a minute to drop this good word;  now back with it after checking the ambiance. it's full of confusion and frustration.

...some even provided justification supposedly like Nancy Pelosi vs Jerry Nadler concerning impeachment proceedings;  others we're mad per the Full Moon in Pisces or Harvest Moon because there was no harvest boom per their seedings; who blamed it on the economy? terrorism? or maybe it's the flavor of the month.

Some fall up/  fail up like Sean Spicer on  Dancing With The Stars!! while my people are out here trying to  heal emotional scars!! "it ain't nothing nice" down here in the ATL / A-Town / chilling down south.

We're shutting it down / starting all over again!! the message for a naysayer? watch your mouth!! they've got me sounding like Pops, my dad not the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich!! had to tell some Americans that talked too much.

Adventures had them geeked up, they were rocking out!! reality is soon shutting them down and they'll have to start over again? who's thinking of themselves too much?

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