Thursday, October 20, 2022

Ready To Roll / We’re On Our Way!! (Part Eight)

 We’re blessed to see this day, we’re showing gratitude! that’s why I’m calling this a Thankful Thursday!

Some are stressed due to matters from the past, that attitude is rebuked as we take it back to the future on what’s called a Throwback Thursday!

So who’ll work with me? we’re ready to roll we’re on our way! welcome to the show! digital crate digging continues plus this good word is dropped, check out this arousing art!

The sound was called hazardous material plus the good word considered the diary of a madman? please, I’m just out here playing my position / playing my part! Naysayers? they’re always ready to roll, trying to start something! said this art is just unchained desire on steroids! Wannabe starting something per Michael Jackson per the Throwback Thursday reference; will this flourish? they’ll say it’s something the sane avoids!

Catch us up in the action, we’re ready to roll we’re on our way! we’re filling the void! jumped out of the mothership, headlong into the wind.

Missed the drone, like the ones supplied to Russia by Iran so what’s up man? no exit no escape was the word in the wind.. ..from the clone out here applying pressure but it’s on, catch us dipping through in the jet pack we left that intergalactic freak show.. ..perpetrated by the Intergalactic Federation now check the situation; we landed on earth safely no tragedy; blessed? now we know!

Now check the flow, Confederates down here in Georgia try to start situations but we’re ready to roll we’re on our way!

Catch us dipping through on I-20 in Atlanta or somewhere beyond; serious? that’s how we’ll respond we don’t have time to play!

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