Sunday, October 02, 2022

Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Ten)

 Started writing this on a Sunday morning, a perfect time to receive Sword Of Truth Illuminations. 

The antenna is up, WiFi is on, Reading The TelePrompter was also mentioned by O-Zone in previous episodes / situations!

Had to admit, things were not going to plan; it’s rough out here, hectic / chaotic!

Had to admit, it was on and popping felt elation but soon stressing from doing too much which led to heart palpitations. Something’s coming per Sword Of Truth Illuminations I can feel it my intuition was kicking / working overtime, and it’s something I can’t rock with! War drumming from an African or Indian drummer ushering in Indian Summer? saber rattling from North Korea to Russia to here in Atlanta where gunfire ring out from the Hummer! I think I’ll run to safety, leaving these foul situations

Sword Of Truth Illuminations have some misinformed or processing low information but courage and stupidity were judged by the outcome.. ..of the episode; supreme courage and maximum strength supposedly exercised per a formidable stance? Check the mode; they were in over their head do per the Ohio Players, the devil they tried to outrun! But it just lit the midnight fire that was burning which soon led to moonlit madness!
We’re back with these sword of truth illuminations after peeping game / analyzing the information..

…to determine the prognosis; avoiding information overloads / lethal doses somebody can see what I’m saying!

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