Monday, October 31, 2022

Taking The Next Step (Hitting The Reset Button) PT. 9

 Check us out as we take the next step on this Monday morning! we’re ready to roll / we’re on our way! 

We’re hitting the reset button, might even go back to default settings but history? we’re not repeating!  focused on the now; it’s a blessing to see this day!

So how will we play this life? is it full of blissful dreams or is it tortured reality?

Choose your poison was the knowledge dropped by the old dude from East St. Louis so don’t act brand new with this / don’t play the sport casually. We’re taking the next step/ hitting the reset button during this Scorpio Season but per 12th House activity we had to clean up that dirty laundry, metaphorically. We’re taking the next step / hitting the reset button but like Halloween a punishment glutton won’t hesitate to howl at the moon until the break of day!

Especially if things aren’t going their way; soon mad / disappointed like all the other falling hearts.
Back in the day? life was in disarray! dude missed appointments / his calling supposedly balling in the raggedy Mercury Zephyr that falls apart. Back in the way? supposedly taking the next step / hitting the reset button! like the Juice Wrld project he said legends never die, especially urban ones. He had a bad day or two or maybe more; vanished without a trace, coping strategies not working.

He had to get the machine set, now working it all out / taking the next step / hitting the reset button!

Now Raging Against The Machine like the music group; his machine not compatible to the one used by the system! he refused to be a punishment glutton!

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