Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Ready To Roll / We’re On Our Way!! (Part Four)

 On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way we’re ready to roll / we’re on our way!

It’s all about terrific outcomes as we work on that manifestation leading to the celebration as digital crate digging continues / we let the music play!

Of course let us pray was the advice given by the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville so we govern ourselves accordingly; of course? out of order is how some will be, that noise? this time it was heard by everyone.

Arcane monsters were now loud and boisterous like Tommy Tuberville and other GOP operatives like John Kennedy down in Louisiana; now some will come undone! Confirming to me and everyone the real deal that I wasn't seeing and hearing things / that those weren’t hallucinations I was having. We’re burning rubber out here on I-20 in Atlanta protecting the culture we’re ready to roll we’re on our way, but per Halloween season the Hall Of Mirrors will show some of us unraveling!

We’re burning rubber in the mothership, we’re ready to roll we’re on our way! Astral Traveling like Pharoah Sanders somebody will understand us!

Sometimes wondering about another down here on earth; wondering, where did the mothership land us?

Heard some of these earthlings talking junk, but that flippant bravado? like the LA City council members talking reckless you know it got them in trouble.
How were some of these earthlings trying to play? in plenty of episodes earthly ways gave some angel leathery wings. Ready to roll and on their way but can’t fly away, now joining these other clowns in the circus. Impressed by new technology but should have kept the ancient ways of doing things.

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