Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Putting Work In / Paying The Price / It's Business As Usual

Whats the deal? tensions are rising like US-China relations.. or maybe even like Iran's intentions...but please!! we're handling business as usual..your homie is putting work in! 

How you feel about it...what?  the ongoing madness!!! they asked a bruh...I told them "it ain't nothing nice" ...told them my people are hurting! 

Some are even thrown under the bus by jokers like Herman Cain; ...let the sideshow begin ...word from Blue's tragic...whose rolling with the wrong team? 

Whatcha knowing? no pain no gain was the cliche...but sometimes its tragic..please!!  life is the meantime and between we continue to put work in; prayer plus action is in full's like the American team in the Presidents Cup...word from Tiger Woods....these players go strong on our team! 

Whatcha knowing? the system will try to play us;  it's tight in these hoods..everything is not as it seems; its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors! 

Whatcha dealing with? like Seif al Islam..Gaddafi's'll get caught out there...due to the ongoing horrors and terrors! 

Whatcha dealing with..whose fair with this?  in love or war the rules from the Hague or Geneva Convention are not followed! 

Whatcha dealing with? so called crime prevention like McGruff....but like cyber attacks on the infrastructure is enough done? it's easy to come undone...but fools were vague; it's easy to get played..they're trying to deceive ya!! soon the doctrine is swallowed! 

These brothas are real with it..dedicated to the truth...that's why we stay under these schools of thought are unconventional; as this train keeps rolling down the track! 

Fools thought we weren't putting work in!!! now they're surprised ..we show them we have the knack!

As we bring it back...putting work in...old school blue collar style...

Paying the price...actually dues have been overpaid..the situation is foul...

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