Thursday, May 19, 2022

Saison Mix | Saison Tribute Mix

 Another Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday has rolled around, so of course we’ll roll up with the sound…

Let the music play, as digital crate digging continues; earlier we were Afternoon Jazzing plus old schooling following Throwback Thursday principles; the question, can we get down?

Let us pray for the as the system is rigging negative outcomes, plus the arch nemesis is on the premises, they crossed the boundary / border

Let us pray for these so caller leaders, Democrats and the GOP; it seems democracy is out of order…

Let us play this funky sound, O-Zone is on it!! not to be confused with  Frozone  from Incredibles 2

Let us play this Saison Mix | Saison Tribute Mix, part of the Producer Spotlight Series from the Rhythm Republic!! we’re getting taking it back to the future, getting retro futuristic with it!! check the featured tracks and the mix to see what’s up with it / what it do…

Check this out at Saison Mix | Saison Tribute Mix

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