Saturday, May 07, 2022

Out Here Visualizing The Sequence (Part Five)

  Chilling out for a moment or two on this Saturday morning! caught in a moment of time it’s a critical stage of development!

Searching for clues, Searching like Roy Ayers! we’re caught up in the moment but we look into the past and the future trying to deal with it!

How did we try to act? we’re still visualizing the sequence of events soon weaponizing ourselves to fight the enemy that circumvents. 

We have the knack for survival! God is good all the time all the time God is good! we’re blessed and highly favored like the vanity license plate on the Cadillac spotted over in Decatur driven by the old sister buying lottery tickets!

 She said I missed my calling I should be a preacher but O-Zone found another way to reach ya! later on? we’ll be out there on I-20 in Atlanta our gateway to the universe! way way out there! we’ll skirt the edge of oblivion!

Left earth, naysayers asked me what’s it all worth? I was accused of having this pseudo / quantum mysticism! they asked me how was I living? As I visualize the sequence I was chilling in a suede spacesuit, all up in the mothership rolling / riding! Intergalactic! also national / international and local I thought I told ya? bold though as we linger within this wilderness, some say we’re hiding.

Dropping mathematics, acknowledging that it’s rough out here in this so called post pandemic era! they’re saying we’ll linger within a wilderness that’s gloomy! Some act erratic, spotted them as I visualized the sequence! morale was low, per Toni Braxton another sad love song was played I even heard the last lullaby… …from those paranoid; but on the flip side others had the venom lightning mind. Told to avoid them, they’re wannabe masters of the universe; creators of this reality that’s unkind.

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