Thursday, May 26, 2022

Putting Work In / Paying The Price / But It’s Business As Usual (Part Five)

 Even on this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here? you’ll probably catch me putting work in!

We’re paying the price to be free, though we’re due a refund / rebate with naysayers we debate but that’s business as usual, we already know how they’re working!

We’re putting work in, God is good so we’re bound for glory but some will show hate / others aren’t happy.

We’re putting work in / paying the price but the devil is mad so “it ain’t nothing nice” as razor edged ribbons were our prizes. It seems to be business as usual from Atlanta to Ukraine, from Buffalo to Uvalde Texas; complex is how the sport is! behind the scenes / between the shadows? attitudes are crappy! We’re still putting work in shining like diamonds/ glistening, who’s watching / listening? it’s rough out here, we’re left to our own devices.

But that’s business as usual, this type of business is not usual! we’re still rising per side of the building ivy climbing memories.
Throwback Thursday reflecting / internal inspecting inspiring but sometimes yielding due to horrible memories! How will the work be? it’ll be thorough, breakbeat scientific but we still fell down the rabbit hole. Felt unworthy, told others now let me fall further so I can bounce back after hitting rock bottom so I can save my soul.

Now guess who’s back like the track by Scarface, Beanie Sigel and Jay Z with Kanye West! check the ode to Throwback Thursday!

We’re putting work in / paying the price but this is but this is business as usual; who’ll work with me?

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