Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Out Here Visualizing The Sequence (Part One)

I was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, peeping game / visualizing the sequence; I  was even scanning the perimeter. 

I wasn't sleeping when the truth game was played; some were disputing it like Kim Jong Un and Vladir Putin did; some jokers were rolling like Dr. Simon Bar Sinister.

These are no sounds of silence per Simon and Garfunkel, that's not how the funk will go!! but they tried to play me like these breakbeat scientific  principles are sinister!!  like this is hazardous material. 

Dysfunctional per so called pundits and experts? that's not how this works!! they didn't realize this is beneficial!!  what we have is spiritual!!

Dysfunctional like Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilots? that's not how this works!!  we've been official!! peeping game  from the streets to religion to corporate corridors. 

 Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta visualizing the sequence; some said we miss you / plus we were missing something;  but like watching Kentucky Wildcats go undefeated this sportsman always checked the scores. 

Peeping game; that's what's up with me;  I wasn't sleeping in the game / I visualized the sequence. 

Reaping benefits from the game; even though like the Four Tops I  floated through still waters that were the deepest

But I didn't sleep through the turbulence;  I had to work through this!  

Especially after visualizing the sequence;  acting like I knew this!

It's going down!! as I dip down I-20 I noticed some were clueless; like Ben Carson calling Obama a psycopath...

It's going down!! I'm still doing what I do,  I'm not acting brand new with this!!! I'm dropping the funk for ya plus this math...  

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