Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Out Here VIsualizing The Sequence PT.2

I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie sitting back Visualizing The Sequence; soon weather forecasting like Al Roker!! I'm determined  to find out which way the wind will blow..

Now I'm Bringing It Back!!  a brotha is far from a joker!! I'm not trying to get caught out there like Nelly!! I'm taking a Mystic Voyage like Admiral Benbow..

We're bringing it back like another Clinton president per Hillary; they ask me what I've been through? I took Fantastic Voyages like Lakeside..

Back in the day? The Cut Dog had Chrome like Google Explorer; that's how a brotha will ride..

Might get another vehicle from Detroit, but I see dude trying to dip down I-20 in the broke down Ford Explorer, so I don't know!!!

Visualizing the Sequence; I can see through the Smoke and Mirrors; it's easy to get played!!  Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck!!  what, you didn't know?

It's all game when I peep this!! we're not through dealing, but damn I can see that things are about to get ugly...

This is no Game of Thrones but we are dipping through danger zones where some aren't through illing; they said it's *all gravy baby*  things are just lovely...

Please; this brotha will be Visualizing The Sequence; things are Shady Like Grady..

Who loves you baby? classic line delivered by Telly Savalas adapted by these ATLiens aka Grady Babies!!

Please!!  corruption is everywhere; I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta trying to  get away like Earth Wind and Fire; in the Mothership I'm strapped in...

Please!! that's what's up son!! after I Visualized The Sequence I slipped out of the box I was trapped in!! 

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