Friday, May 13, 2022

Out Here Visualizing The Sequence (Part Eight)

 On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here?  even though it's Friday the 13th we’re visualizing the sequence!

Flashback Friday tools are utilized, looking into the past but looking into the future while staying grounded in the present; it’s all game if you peep this…

…retro futuristic with this; caught in a moment of time but I escaped,  but now trapped in Paul Hardcastle’s rainforest.

Acting brand new with this? please, the saga / struggle continues plus the rain / reign began with a drizzle, there’s always something going down elastic clouds didn’t bore us. Going through this! I mentioned earlier life is hectic but I’d rather sat lonely in a silent sunset. Visualizing the sequence! disturbed by cerulean echoes from blue skies? I wouldn’t mind it. 

Visualizing the sequence? I see what it do, the story of you? it all began in the urban wilderness / forest!
The game? I peeped this! per the James Brown Escapism strategy I saw you roam / prowl under the same overcast elastic clouds… …like I mentioned earlier; it’s multi dimensional saw the kind of work based on Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday symbolism now fast forward. Back to the city, living just enough for it like Stevie Wonder you roam / prowl / wander amongst the plastic crowds. 

It’s all shrouded in mystery like the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space per the discovery of new black holes.

Visualizing the sequence, check the history; time is precious, it’ll catch up with you per James Harden performances for Philadelphia in the playoffs, O-Zone is keeping it real not trying to play it off! this is how this black man roles!

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