Thursday, May 05, 2022

Out Here Visualizing The Sequence (Part Four)

 On this Thankful Thursday? we’re still out here on local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers!

It’s a blessing to be here,  we’re out here visualizing the sequence! Throwback Thursday reflecting reminds us how far we’ve come throughout the years…

…even as the GOP aided by a shady Supreme Court steers us back to days gone by, with visions of stripping freedoms; many losing more than their  sanity while out there in the gray area.

Unraveling in limbo? no doubt, democracy seems to be doing that! just check the scenario! Chasing yesterdays while visualizing the sequence? no doubt! dismembering the present reality.
Erasing history with book banning and a so called critical race theory? no clues given per quiet remembering, a future fatality.

Visualizing the sequence, we need to watch the technology; hazardous material? spotted the sister, with spiders inside her? robotic, they emit electro frequencies.
They sent signals back to the mainframe and to the micro-chipped flock of ghost starlings. But like hackers attacking Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine they’ll put the unraveling in limbo. Anonymous cracked the code, they checked the mode said it was simple.

Like some of us out here wishing it was simple when we visualize the sequence.

But we’re changing the game after seeing it was all game after we peeped this!

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