Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Test PT.3 (It's Rough Out Here)

 Excuse me for being *Emo*  but please!!! its hard trying to survive these days!!  during the ongoing Test we're feeling the pain out here in the Babylon wilderness; the forest!

Who's physically and emotionally scarred? during the ongoing Test they're dealing with this and that!! I'm even trying to relax!! during #JazzAppreciationMonth I'm out here chilling; listening to Paul Hardcastle's Rain Forest!

Loss or gain? who's for us or against us? who's rolling like Donald Trump, so what's the deal?  time will reveal like Debarge!

During the ongoing reign or storm like out in Kabul in Afghanistan,  some are fronting or flossing like they're large and in charge!!

During the ongoing reign or storm? if your acting a fool?  authorities will barge all up in the spot ; or like Dekalb County Georgia they set up roadblocks before you get there.

As I tell these stories? fashion and thoughts are monitored by police aka Hunger Games Peacekeepers types on the front lines of spiritual warfare!

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