Saturday, April 30, 2016

Taking Another Look At Things With A Fresh View / Fresh Vision

It's going down!! I'm taking another look at things!!  your dude is trying to *peep game*  with a fresh view / fresh vision.  

.....Per John Boehner vs Ted Cruz /  Lucifer in the flesh:  so how are some living? 

Staying in my lane bro!! when I cruise the galaxy like the Guardians I decipher the code, now coming out fresh with brand new batches...

Trying to maintain bro!! winning / losing battles due to the information overload? devil's advocates make fresh catches...

 Lawyers on retainer like a gangster?  lawyers like Bill Cosby fighting trumped up charges?

Waste trainers like ATL divas we thought were  flawless?  paying the cost to be the boss?  reality checks bounce!!  cost overruns and overcharges? 

Debarge's Time Will Reveal comes to mind;  the lawless have an expiration date. 

Large was the deal!!  that's how they were living,  they'll tailgate at Hell's gate. 

Check the clock,  was it too late!!  somebody was watching on the security camera. 

*I feel like somebody's watching me*  with Rockwell and Michael Jackson singing is heard in the background:  devil dancers lack stamina. 

Peeping game with a fresh view / fresh vision as we continue to rock well,  but somebody was clocking us during the action:  so what it do? 

Sleeping in the game instead of creeping in the game? what is it they don't want us to know?  we need to act like we knew. 


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