Monday, April 25, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling With Breakbeat Scientific Intentions)

Once again it's on!!  I'm on recon missions,  I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta. 

Once again it's on!!  oh yes!! I'm rolling with breakbeat scientific intentions!! in the hooptie your dude jams James Brown's Big Payback!!   spiritual warfare is still going down!!  who will be fair with a brotha? 

Mentioned earlier: In love or war?  nobody's fair with another!!  *what becomes of the broken hearted?*

... Questions asked by Jimmy Ruffin but O-Dog wasn't bluffing he cosmic slops!!  damn!!! R.I.P ... Prince is departed.

 ...Joining Phife Dawg , David Bowie, Merle Haggard and Maurice White from earlier this year:  2016 is something else

Alright dawg!!  jokers over here at South Dekalb Mall off of I-20 were looking like Marvin Hagler /  *they ain't right* /  they're still pimping with suits and gators from New York Fashion!!  those cats are something else.

Smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors fool some of y'all:  but it's no secret,  like the open secret per Signaling System Seven.

It was no joke dawg, it was a secret!! what?  the backwoods casino in Louisville / Newburg where cats were trying to roll seven or eleven. 

...or playing 21 or blackjack / It's no secret I'm back jack!! I'm  in these hoods off I-20 in Atlanta:  who'll understand a brotha? 

Rebuking deliberate falsehoods similar to Cruz and Kasich collaborations: we're repelling instigations perpetrated by another. 

Nuking it was the intentions of North Korean types, but I continue to cruise down I-20 in Atlanta... 

Breakbeat scientific intentions are part of these scenarios; the universe is large, somebody might understand this brotha!!

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