Sunday, April 10, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Spring Vacation Recap)

The saga / struggle continues;  were dipping down I -20 in Atlanta bringing the spring vacation recap. 

Due to Hell's Kitchen menus we slipped down rabbit holes,  there was a  spring cleaning / spring training relapse.

 Venues will collapse like the Hindu Temple exploding in India!!! like family reunions the drama will revisit ya.

 During this Aries Season?  the Uranus Pluto Square was reactivated,  the drama will revisit ya. 

Seasons / Reasons? I was spring vacationing!!  active from the ATL to Louisville and all points in between. 

Reasons / Treasons determined after *the man in the hat* aka Mohamed Abrini  was caught in Brussels?  please!! I was even ready to roll!! rocking a Kangol hat after I observed the scene.

 Hustles were knocked due to the Louisville Cardinals hat and  gear that I rocked,  due to their self imposed sanctions. 

Andre McGee and Katina Powell weren't real!! meanwhile others are trying to deal with nuclear winter threats per North Korea!!  they aren't worried about sanctions. 

Some see me,  said I was foul!!  a Huntsman in Winter's War even though spring is here? 

Spring breaking from hunting and gathering from a breakbeat scientific perspective,  but spiritual warfare is still here. 

Star Wars Force Awakens similarities?  rolling down I-20 in Atlanta is like rolling through the galaxy. 

....Of course these earthlings are still faking!!  even during spring vacation jokers tried to get foul with me. 

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