Monday, April 18, 2016

I Was Checking Things Out!

I was checking things out from a few blocks away, even though it seems like I felt the earthquakes in Ecuador!! Lord Help is the battle cry, as I was observing the scene. 

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost!!  rebuking these fakes trying to run up the score like in the NBA playoffs!!  soon ready to roll coast to coast!! maybe spotted on your scene. 

Podcasting /  blogging rebuking the GOP Rules Committee type of plot or scheme!!  it's a rough job but somebody has to do it. 

Fasting and praying, soon the smoke cleared!! ignoring those fools on the street committee,  I'm acting like I knew it. 

Not playing around with the corrupt, decisions made after laying in the cut like *what what* we proceed and continue. 

Based on observations?  it's easy to spot meals prepared on the Hell's Kitchen menu. 

Raced out of the gate,  off reservations!!  outside the box,  where I usually am. 

No disrespect to Native Americans, who fair with those or them? I even felt the pressure!! it played out / it got old!!  the hate was too much!!  I had my reservations when I was in the box:  whether I did or didn't somebody would damn. 

It played out / it got old!!  reservations for mystic voyages were made,  soon I was intergalactic

It played out in front of me:  the drama was local,  national,  international and intergalactic!! 

I was checking things out,  now I'm back with it!!  breakbeat science will be dropped. 

I was checking things out,  now this good word is dropped and your dude cosmic slopped!!

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