Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting The Machine Set / Working It All Out PT.2

What's the word in the wind / the word on the curb?  so what are they working with?  

Speech was slurred!! in the wind?  some cursed during the ongoing spiritual warfare!! others were mad like #blacklivesmatter vs  Bill and Hillary Clinton about the 1994 Crime Bill , they said it was due to shoddy workmanship. 

Tires screeched,  some swerved to avoid rumble strips as they pump brakes!! as I observed the scene the masses were divided like the GOP vs Trump

Points reached after the machine was set? of course,  even O-D-O-G made sure the beat will bump.

 Points taken by O-Zone are remixed per the truth game;  truth or reality as we know it. 

Points shaven?  naw dude!!  were ruthless in the game like Golden State Warriors as we act like we know it. 

Beauty?  were beholding in the midst of this warfare of the spiritual nature.

 Duties?  were holding responsibility per Michael Jackson,  that should be human nature

....At any rate;  truth is pursued, relentless like Kobe Bryant dropping 60 in his last game, realizing it's all game as we get the machine set. 

Hate was shown as we try to work it all out!! jokers were defiant, they're mad at me and the world!!  plus others said obligations weren't met.

Gamblers out for a fast buck placed a bet,  saying we wouldn't work it all out.

 Mixmasters rewind the tape!! like Danny Willett at the Masters it's not too late for victory!! some will let it slip out of their fingers like Jordan Spieth meanwhile we try to get it right!!  we get the machine set / soon working it all out. 


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